5th Avenue Construction specializes in building custom homes, in the Chicago area’s most premier suburbs and sought after communities. We build homes to meet the specific needs and desires of our clients, a process accomplished with a collaborative team of professionals and full transparency.

  • From beginning to end, our architect and designer are an intimate part of the homebuilding process for every custom client and their talents fuel 5th Avenue’s “Inspired by Design” mantra. With creativity and a solutions-oriented mindset, the professional insights and perspectives our architect and designer offer help ensure that the home meets your exact needs and matches your vision.
  • We conduct regular meetings with our clients at the site of their custom homes to review progress, detail upcoming work, and maintain honest and open communication. This on-going interaction promotes transparency and helps eliminate missteps. Finally, every home receives two internal quality walk – through inspections prior to the final homeowner inspection. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete home and resolving any open issues before the time of closing.
  • Our field superintendent inspects every home under construction daily, while our construction team and partners meet three times each week for a detailed review of every home’s schedule. This ensures a high level of attention and quality for each 5th Avenue client.
  • Every 5th Avenue custom homebuilding client receives access to our innovative online software. This complimentary online tool will help the homeowner manage the process, make selections, review expenses, change orders, and pose questions to the 5th Avenue team, 24/7. In addition production schedules are uploaded daily, while photos are provided at each (new phase of construction).

Build On Your Land

At 5th Avenue Construction, we are committed to building your unique dream home exclusively for you.

“How do I build a house on my land?” While 5th Avenue Construction owns homesites suitable for custom homes, our firm also works with an exclusive set of industry professionals, including realtors and bankers, to help our clients find home sites that will accommodate each homebuyer’s personal vision and plan. The 5th Avenue team will happily accommodate buyers who own a particular homesite, that they would like us to build upon.

Whether your land or ours, 5th Avenue is committed to a diligent process of ensuring that any property is indeed buildable and can accommodate a homebuyer’s desires and vision. We are dedicated to defining potential obstacles before any commitments are made. This thorough review process respects our clients’ investment of time, money, and emotion and underscores our view that every custom home is a true partnership rooted in trust. Want to build a home on your own land? Contact us today.